– Calculation of remunerations in accordance with the applicable law.

– Full handling of employment agreement and civil law agreements (contracts of mandate, task-specific contracts), including: issuing contracts of mandate

– Preparing and providing employees with information on the amount of their salaries, charged insurance premiums and tax advances and RMUA reports

– Preparing monthly reports on collected advance income tax , -Preparing ZUS DRA statements and reports for individual employees and sending them to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS),

– Issuing certificates of employment and salaries,

– Preparing and sending reports to PFRON,

– Reporting to the Central Statistical Office (GUS) on salaries,

– Registering the Customer’s employees in the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) (documents like ZUS ZUA, ZUS ZIUA, ZUS ZWUA),


– Preparing annual tax returns PIT4R, PIT8AR

– Preparing annual information on income (PIT-11) or annual tax returns (PIT-40) for employees.

– Consulting on current HR and payroll issues in Polish